Wednesday, 7 April 2010


We went to Dalby to Marni & Pa's place for Easter.. Poor little Brodie was sick all day Friday and Saturday with High Temps and Headaches.. He was miserable.. I spent most of the days lying in bed with him.. He just wanted Mummy.. poor little man.. luckily he got over it on Sat night and was all fired up for Easter Sunday.

The boys found lots of little eggs that had fallen out of the Easter Bunny's Basket as he hopped around the house.. They do hope he never fixes that small hole in his And they had eggs and pressies on the table waiting for them..

It was really cute.. I had put down 3 little eggs each for them from Greg and I but by the time I got there they had decided that it wasn't fair that Mummy didn't have too many eggs so eachof them had put one of their little eggs in my spot for me.. They can be such sweet boys.

The boys had a great weekend.. riding the little motorbike around.. and the little red car, both of which was their daddy's when he was little.. Greg also took them out the back to give them a go at the Air rifle.. After I lectured the hell out of It is a bit of a shock seeing your little boys with a gun in their hands.. even if it is an air rifle.. not sure I really liked but then I am not off the land like Greg and his family. Even Mummy had a go.. The boys love going to Marnie and Pa's and doing all that 'boy' stuff..

They sat down with Pa on Sun night and watched a 3D movie that the Easter Bunny had given Connor.. Been a looong time since I have seen the old red and green

We left Monday morning for the long trip home and ended up meeting up with Friends also traveling back to Rocky. Was good to have someone to chat to on the loo

We also had another little excitement..

Picture the scenario.. driving along.. oops.. flashing lights.. kids.. 'what the policeman want'.. 'Just be Quiet kids".. Policeman.. 'Sir the radar clocked you at 110 kms'.. Greg.. 'Didn't think I was going that fast' .. policeman..'What speed do you think you were going?'.. Greg. '108'.. Policeman.. 'umm what is the speed limit sir'.. Greg....'100'..Policeman.. 'fine the same for 108 or 110'.. Ticket written.. we drive off.. Kids.. 'what the policeman want Daddy'.. Mummy..'Daddy was naughty.. not obeying the rules'.. (while she cacks to herself that he admitted to a police officer that he knew he was going over the limit but had to say it anyway!! Doh!!) .. For next 10 mins.. kids.. 'You speeding Daddy?' Greg.. ' quiet..' .. Connor.. 'You sure you not speeding Daddy?' .. picture Mummy.. trying so hard not to PMSL!!!

And Olivia and Grant also have quite a laugh as Greg had overtaken them about 5 mins

Oh well.. these things happen.. don't think Greg finds it particularly funny though.. hehehe..

Well Easter is over for another year but school hols don't finish until next Tuesday.. The boys have had a great time the last couple of days playing the Wii and xbox, and generally just being kids.. Big day tomorrow.. having a few of their friends over for a play.. should be fun.. and noisy.. and tiring.. and Oh well.. least I get to chat..hahaha

Hope you all had a safe and wonderful Easter..and are enjoying the school hols!
Last month we had Rylan's Mad Hatter's Tea Party for his Birthday.. The kids had to wear mad hats so as You can see I was a bit slack and just stick things all over hats we they had a great time and Julie put on the yummiest food.. lol..


As you can see even the Mummy's had fun playing Egg and Spoon Races.. lol.. and I won.. hehehe as Rach and Carien both dropped theirs at the last second.. See slow and steady.. etc..

The last few weeks of school went very quickly.. now both my school boys have got awards at Monday Assembly.. I still have to get a pic of Declan's lol.. and Connor got one for always getting his spelling right.. He not dumb that He is doing a lot better and his behavior is improving.. thankfully.. 

Anyway.. Gonna finish updating and then it is time for this little girl to crash..  

Declan's Bug tank...

Well I have finally gotten organised to update my blog.. here are the pics I took of Declan's tank initially.. Looks a bit different now.. we have more plants though most of them have been eaten by the 65 caterpillars he put in ok maybe not that many but it sure feels like it.. The eco system is obviously working as we have had quite a few turn into moths.. the first one is in the pics.. and we have had very few I think I need to start studying entomology myself as I now have to spend hours on the puter trying to identify all the bugs etc he

I also got motivated on a Wed Scrap day and actually did a layout.. woohoo.. and yup I did the boy and his Quite happy with the way it turned out.. The top pics are actually layered so I could fit more on.. and the journalling is on the green paper behind the pic..