Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Declan's Bug tank...

Well I have finally gotten organised to update my blog.. here are the pics I took of Declan's tank initially.. Looks a bit different now.. we have more plants though most of them have been eaten by the 65 caterpillars he put in ok maybe not that many but it sure feels like it.. The eco system is obviously working as we have had quite a few turn into moths.. the first one is in the pics.. and we have had very few I think I need to start studying entomology myself as I now have to spend hours on the puter trying to identify all the bugs etc he

I also got motivated on a Wed Scrap day and actually did a layout.. woohoo.. and yup I did the boy and his Quite happy with the way it turned out.. The top pics are actually layered so I could fit more on.. and the journalling is on the green paper behind the pic..

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