Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Last month we had Rylan's Mad Hatter's Tea Party for his Birthday.. The kids had to wear mad hats so as You can see I was a bit slack and just stick things all over hats we they had a great time and Julie put on the yummiest food.. lol..


As you can see even the Mummy's had fun playing Egg and Spoon Races.. lol.. and I won.. hehehe as Rach and Carien both dropped theirs at the last second.. See slow and steady.. etc..

The last few weeks of school went very quickly.. now both my school boys have got awards at Monday Assembly.. I still have to get a pic of Declan's lol.. and Connor got one for always getting his spelling right.. He not dumb that He is doing a lot better and his behavior is improving.. thankfully.. 

Anyway.. Gonna finish updating and then it is time for this little girl to crash..  

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