Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Greg's Father's Day Album

Well finally got pics up.. this is the Album I made for Greg for Father's Day.. At the wonderful Ann Lederhose's Class at Scrap n' Scrap. I have to say I love it!

Monday, 14 September 2009

More updates..

On wed the 9th Amanda, my gorgeous friend, invited me over for morning tea.. to check out the changes they'd made to the house since they are selling.. and leaving me!! :( I told Carien I would text her when I was finished to meet me at home.. well the sneaky buggers had it all arranged.. I'm standing there and then in walked Carien, Tanya, Rach, Amanda, and Michelle.. all to wish me a Happy Birthday. We had a great day.. I had no and got to sit, chat, eat heaps of yummies and drink coffee.. hadn't felt that good in ages! I love my friends!! And I got given lots of chocolates, and Rach gave me a little box I wasn't able to open until my b'day.. I was very good and waited and there was the most gorgeous little pair of earrings in there..
Thank you sooo much girls!! mwah!!
We had to have playgroup at the bike track at the PCYC on the 1oth.. And I realised that Declan had nothing to ride.. So off we went to Kmart and got him a new bike.. I really wish these boys would stop growing. He loved his new Ben 10 Bike and rode it all morning.. completely different from him whining he couldn't ride his old one!..
That afternoon the boys and Carien's boys went down the back and had a great time picking Mulberries!
On Friday I went to lunch with Jodes, Zoe, Teresa and Michelle... it was lovely girls .. thank you .. and they gave me a beautiful jewellery box.. I am soo spoilt.
On Friday night both Carien and I were gonna be alone so we decided to have a sleepover.. Got the kids to bed and drank a wine or two.. (bottles) It was great fun. Joshua decided the floor was more comfie than the

It was my B'day on the Sunday and Greg was lovely enough to take the boys to the park for a few hours in the morning.. ooh the peace and quiet.. and I actually got to scrap.. finally finished Greg's Father's day and I got a pampering package gift voucher with a facial, mani and Pedi.. ooh I am going to enjoy that!!

Declan's Birthday

Well I cannot believe he is 5!! He had a great day on Saturday for his Birthday.. Opened his pressies from us and those that had been posted and you couldn't get the grin off his face.

He decided that he wanted to stay home instead of going to Soccer etc so while Daddy took his brothers away and I cooked he had a fantastic time playing the new Wii game we gave him.. It was amazing.. without anyone to tell him what to do.. etc etc.. he played so happily .. no whining.. no "I can't"! No "it's too hard!". Heaven for both of and then he chose to have Maccas for dinner.. which suited me.. had enough of the kitchen by
He wanted a 'Cars' party at the Rockpool.. so here was my attempt at a 'Cars' cake.. He enjoyed it .. which is the main

He was allowed to have 10 friends at the Rockpool for his party.. All up though I think we ended up with approx 13.. but they had a blast.. Playing in the pool.. eating.. running around.. It was a really lovely afternoon.

Thank you to everyone who sent, gave and expressed Birthday pressies and wishes for Declan.. and came along to his party. You all helped make it a wonderful time for him.
Of Course he still can't wait to get to the GC on hols.. as I have promised he can spend soem of his birthday

Welcome to Milly and Happy Father's Day

Well we have another bubby to cuddle now.. This is Milly.. isn't she just gorgeous.. She came into the world on the 30th August. These pics were taken the next day. Congratulations Belinda, Dean, Pypa and Chase. She is such a good baby.. lots of sleeping... and ooh so cuddly!! lol..

I hope all you Dad's out there had a great Father's Day.. Greg's started on the Wed night when he had a Father's Day dinner..(pizza & games) at Declan's Kindy.. They had a great time.. played lots of games and got to eat pizza ad It was funny to watch how competitive the Dad's got at the You'd think they were playing for cash not

This is Declan and Greg.. with the cap Declan decorated for him and the fantastic He also made a gorgeous place mat like the one I got for Mother's Day. I still haven't taken pics of all the pressies .. will try and do that soon and put them all up.

Father's Day weekend was extremely busy around here.. Connor had his last game of soccer and a game of Touch on the Sat morning.. Then Greg had to fly to Brissie that arvo to accompany clients to the Wallabies game.. hard life I spent the weekend cooking and getting ready for Declan's B'day party that we were having on the Sunday.. His b'day being on the Sat of course.. but more about that
Jodie was nice enough to take Connor to his Soccer breakup for me in the morning..Will get a pic of him and his trophy and put it up soon.
Greg then got home just before lunch on the Sunday and off we went to the Rockpool for Dec's party. He didn't even get a pressie on the day from I ordered something which still hasn't got here and I only just finished the mini album I started for him at Ann's class at Scrap n'Scrap yesterday .. so he got that late as well..
Brodie had made him some cake at Daycare so they sat down and ate it together..

Over all it was a very hectic weekend.. will put up more pics when I get a chance to take

Sunday, 13 September 2009

August Update..

Well I am finally getting to update August was another busy month.. My gorgeous friend, bridesmaid and Connor's Godmother Tori came up for a visit from Melbourne. It absolutely fantastic to see her.. it has been a couple of years..(not that I'm nagging Tori)..pmsl.. The boys loved getting to know her and all three cried for her as we left her at the airport! Not too sure how much she'll miss the noise etc though.. think I have turned her off kids for They are still asking for you Tori.. so it won't be me nagging at you to come visit any more it'll be them... hehehehe...
And some more excitement... Welcome Leon Gregory!! My wonderful friends Paul and Tanya welcomed a new little boy on the 1oth of August.. He is just adorable.. and he loves his Auntie Donna.. He always kicked when he heard my voice before he was born.. now when I give him a cuddle he tries so hard to talk to me.. These pics were taken the day after he was born..

Ooh I love that we have so many bubbies coming at the moment.. I get biig cuddles and then I give em
Connor started Touch Football as well in August.. I took these pics at his second game.. loove my new camera with the biig Got some great pics of him and his teammates.. they are doing really well too!.

And had to show this pic of little Flynn taken that day too.. had a play with some actions in photoshop.. isn't he gorgeous!

It has been a busy month... Greg has had a change of jobs in Suncorp.. He is now the Regional Manager of both Retail and Business.. It was a bit of worry during the restructure but a relief when both he and his counterpart in Retail got jobs they were happy with. Unfortunately it does mean more work and more travelling.. I am so hopign that settles down.. the boys really miss him when he isn't here.

I have been as busy as usual with Playgroup and helping out at School and Kindy.

But it hasn't been all work.. Had some fun with Carien, Dylan and the boys. and lots of visiting and cuddling gorgeous

ok.. that's all I can Will try and get the last couple of weeks up here and then yeah .. I might actually be up to date!..