Monday, 14 September 2009

Declan's Birthday

Well I cannot believe he is 5!! He had a great day on Saturday for his Birthday.. Opened his pressies from us and those that had been posted and you couldn't get the grin off his face.

He decided that he wanted to stay home instead of going to Soccer etc so while Daddy took his brothers away and I cooked he had a fantastic time playing the new Wii game we gave him.. It was amazing.. without anyone to tell him what to do.. etc etc.. he played so happily .. no whining.. no "I can't"! No "it's too hard!". Heaven for both of and then he chose to have Maccas for dinner.. which suited me.. had enough of the kitchen by
He wanted a 'Cars' party at the Rockpool.. so here was my attempt at a 'Cars' cake.. He enjoyed it .. which is the main

He was allowed to have 10 friends at the Rockpool for his party.. All up though I think we ended up with approx 13.. but they had a blast.. Playing in the pool.. eating.. running around.. It was a really lovely afternoon.

Thank you to everyone who sent, gave and expressed Birthday pressies and wishes for Declan.. and came along to his party. You all helped make it a wonderful time for him.
Of Course he still can't wait to get to the GC on hols.. as I have promised he can spend soem of his birthday


Julie said...

Well Hun haven't u been ur usual self....BUSY CHICKIE! Declan looked pretty happy with his birthday ....great job on the cake BTW! Great pic's! Lots of bubba's to hold & cuddle....LOL good to hand them back when all grumpy ;o)
Have fun on holiday's.

Alishia said...

Looks like he had a great Birthday!
Thankyou for the lovely comment on my blog :)