Monday, 14 September 2009

More updates..

On wed the 9th Amanda, my gorgeous friend, invited me over for morning tea.. to check out the changes they'd made to the house since they are selling.. and leaving me!! :( I told Carien I would text her when I was finished to meet me at home.. well the sneaky buggers had it all arranged.. I'm standing there and then in walked Carien, Tanya, Rach, Amanda, and Michelle.. all to wish me a Happy Birthday. We had a great day.. I had no and got to sit, chat, eat heaps of yummies and drink coffee.. hadn't felt that good in ages! I love my friends!! And I got given lots of chocolates, and Rach gave me a little box I wasn't able to open until my b'day.. I was very good and waited and there was the most gorgeous little pair of earrings in there..
Thank you sooo much girls!! mwah!!
We had to have playgroup at the bike track at the PCYC on the 1oth.. And I realised that Declan had nothing to ride.. So off we went to Kmart and got him a new bike.. I really wish these boys would stop growing. He loved his new Ben 10 Bike and rode it all morning.. completely different from him whining he couldn't ride his old one!..
That afternoon the boys and Carien's boys went down the back and had a great time picking Mulberries!
On Friday I went to lunch with Jodes, Zoe, Teresa and Michelle... it was lovely girls .. thank you .. and they gave me a beautiful jewellery box.. I am soo spoilt.
On Friday night both Carien and I were gonna be alone so we decided to have a sleepover.. Got the kids to bed and drank a wine or two.. (bottles) It was great fun. Joshua decided the floor was more comfie than the

It was my B'day on the Sunday and Greg was lovely enough to take the boys to the park for a few hours in the morning.. ooh the peace and quiet.. and I actually got to scrap.. finally finished Greg's Father's day and I got a pampering package gift voucher with a facial, mani and Pedi.. ooh I am going to enjoy that!!

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