Sunday, 13 September 2009

August Update..

Well I am finally getting to update August was another busy month.. My gorgeous friend, bridesmaid and Connor's Godmother Tori came up for a visit from Melbourne. It absolutely fantastic to see her.. it has been a couple of years..(not that I'm nagging Tori)..pmsl.. The boys loved getting to know her and all three cried for her as we left her at the airport! Not too sure how much she'll miss the noise etc though.. think I have turned her off kids for They are still asking for you Tori.. so it won't be me nagging at you to come visit any more it'll be them... hehehehe...
And some more excitement... Welcome Leon Gregory!! My wonderful friends Paul and Tanya welcomed a new little boy on the 1oth of August.. He is just adorable.. and he loves his Auntie Donna.. He always kicked when he heard my voice before he was born.. now when I give him a cuddle he tries so hard to talk to me.. These pics were taken the day after he was born..

Ooh I love that we have so many bubbies coming at the moment.. I get biig cuddles and then I give em
Connor started Touch Football as well in August.. I took these pics at his second game.. loove my new camera with the biig Got some great pics of him and his teammates.. they are doing really well too!.

And had to show this pic of little Flynn taken that day too.. had a play with some actions in photoshop.. isn't he gorgeous!

It has been a busy month... Greg has had a change of jobs in Suncorp.. He is now the Regional Manager of both Retail and Business.. It was a bit of worry during the restructure but a relief when both he and his counterpart in Retail got jobs they were happy with. Unfortunately it does mean more work and more travelling.. I am so hopign that settles down.. the boys really miss him when he isn't here.

I have been as busy as usual with Playgroup and helping out at School and Kindy.

But it hasn't been all work.. Had some fun with Carien, Dylan and the boys. and lots of visiting and cuddling gorgeous

ok.. that's all I can Will try and get the last couple of weeks up here and then yeah .. I might actually be up to date!..

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