Sunday, 30 August 2009

July update

Right so what happened in July.. Well Declan had a great time at a birthday party for a couple of his Kindy friends.. I love this photo I got of him there...
They also had an 'Indian Pow Wow' Show at Kindy.. the kids had a great time learning about American Indians.. playing instruments and dancing around the

This month I also had bad news.. One of my gorgeous friends Tanya finally got her move to Brisbane.. We had a Kazzazz Scrapping Party as a kinda farewell. Had a great time. You can tell Amanda was happy that I was taking her

I got this pic of the boys on Michael's last night at Soccer training.. Connor is really missing him..

and I loove this photo of Declan and Talissa.. they are nagging at us already to go down and visit them..

I managed to get this pic on their last afternoon at school..
And all the girls..
I am so happy that Tanya and Chris got their wish and are now well settled and happy in Brissie.. but we all miss them terribly!!!!
ok.. that'll do for this post.. it is getting late.. will catch up some more very soon.. I promise..I hope you are all well

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