Monday, 5 May 2008


Well I have promised myself that I will try and update the blog more often but as usual life gets in the way. So here is a catch up of What I have missed this month.
We had a lovely visit from our friends the So Choy's earlier in the month. They were on hols and stayed at Yeppoon for a couple of nights. It was great to catch up with them. Especially as it was Easter last year when we saw them last. And the family has grown since then. Julie and I even got to do some scrap shopping which was soo much fun. I finally got to check out a few of the shops I hadn't been to before.

I took some really cute piccies of Declan at Playgroup the other week. He has a little girlfriend called Ebony. They go to daycare together and playgroup and also want to see each other on other days as well. Last time he got his haircut I told him he had to get it done to look spunky. He replied. 'I got to get my hair cut to look 'punky cause me and my girlfriend Ebony gotta go to a party tonight and we are gonna dance allll night'. It just sooo cracked me up. I have no idea where he got it from. Anyway I did the terrible Mummy thing and got him and Ebony to have a cuddle to get a few pics.. They are sooo cute.

Horrible aren't I .. But honestly could you resist the opportunity for such cute pics!
We went to Fairbairn Dam on the Anzac Weekend. Poppy came down for the week before and we met some of Greg's Rellies and his parents out there. It was great to catch up with everyone and the boys absolutely loved it

Brodie's first trip in a boat.

Connor loves fishing with Daddy

Poppy decided he needed to take a photo of himself as he was the photographer.

We had lots of Rainbow Lorikeets and Kookaburras visit us over the weekend.

The boys loved playing in Pa's boat at night time.

This weekend we didn't go anywhere. We cleaned up on Sat and had some friends over on Sunday night. We had a great time. It is so good to socialise again. We intend to do it far more often. Well in case I don't get on here before then I would like to wish all you Mum's out there a very Happy Mother's day. And Tori.. I am sooo sorry I missed you Birthday.. I was thinking of you. Hope you had a great day! Will call soon..ok.

Well night all.. more work to be done. Until next time..Keep well.


Kylie said...

Gorgeous photo's Donna!!....looks like it was a lovely weekend!!
Hope you hae a lovely Mothers day!

tam (boxx) said... those pics Donna...and you arent a bad mum, we have all set up pics like that!!!!!!
Looks like a great time was had by all on your getaway....
See you soon lovely! Tam xxx