Wednesday, 14 May 2008


My God!!.. what is it with boys?? I just had to take Connor up to the hospital to get a small bead removed from his ear.. It was one of those cut plastic tubing things.. and he decided to shove it in his ear.. So of course with Greg away I had to pack all 3 boys in the car.. went to 2 hospitals to find someone to help and finally got it removed! This all at 7.30 when I was just about to get them into bed and crash myself.. We didn't get home until 8.40.. I finally got dinner at 9.20.. not my fault Amanda!!!! after I rang my brothers whose birthday was today! Yep Both of em. Shane is 40 and Brett 39.. good timing on Mum's behalf hey.. lol.. So Happy Birthday to you both!! sorry for the quick phonecalls! Anyway My eyes are hanging out of me head and I am off to bed.. they are all finally asleep.. Hope your day was better!

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