Sunday, 11 May 2008

Pirate Day

They were learning about the ocean at school and on the last day they had a pirate dress up day.. After a rough week the week before with his behaviour at school I promised him dress up costume if he was good all week.. And he did it.. and has been pretty good ever since too I might add.. Here is a pic of him and his little mate Michael after they had their face painted at school.
They had a great day with a pirate ship Cake, cupcakes and gold chocolate coins. Connor was also impressed cause he got his first gun. It is a pirate pistol and came with the sword etc.. Well I guess it had to happen one day.. luckily it doesn't look very real or mean Mummy wouldn't have let him have it. pmsl
Brodie is growing every day.. He is now 12 kg and Declan is only 15 kg.. I have a feeling the tow others are going to leave Declan behind in the size department.
Brodie is eating anything.. and everything.. we eat.. we often joke he has 5 course meals cause he will eat his and then come back and try and eat all ours.. He is also starting to talk a lot more.. he is saying things like Pear, Chair, and a very definite No Daddy came out today.. well what else did I expect for his first sentence.. He is getting a real personality now.. some soo cute and some absolutely He loves to throw things.. everything.. Toys, books, food.. constantly.. some days he drives me mad.. once again.. what did I expect! But he is also getting rather cuddly and has the cutest grin.. The joys of boys!!
It was Greg's Birthday on Wednesday.. he went to work so it was a quiet day.. but the boys made him some piccies and we gave him a cd and a pocket knife he was after. I took him to lunch and got him a chocolate Mudcake for that night. The boys of course insisted on singing to him. I think he had a good he tells me..

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