Sunday, 18 May 2008

The Weekend..

Hi everyone.. hope you all have had a lovely weekend.. We had my Brother and his family visiting and the boys just loved it.. They adore playing with their cousins and Brodie took a real shine to Uncle Shane.. Sue and I even got in some scrap shopping and some scrapping.. gotta love it. Connor played footy this morning and had a great time.. loved it that he had his own little support team on the sidelines.. After he told me excitedly that it was a great game cause they tied!! lol.. not sure of the score as they don't really keep track at this level.. but I do love the attitude.. Greg just needs to have a little chat to him about the rules of tackling players without the ball.. On both his and the other team..pmsl.

Am getting a little excited at the moment.. Playgroup is going soo well.. we have a wonderful bunch of Mum's and we raised far more than expected in our Mother's day Raffle.. not bad for our little group.. Especially as we managed to scrounge all the prizes!! gotta love it. Oh yeah.. what I am really excited about is Amanda and I are off to the Playgroup Conference in Townsville this weekend.. Hopefully we will learn some new ideas etc.. and a weekend away.. Woohoo.. plus it is all payed for by the govt.. gotta love it. I am really hoping it is worthwhile.. I just soo want to see our little group going from strength to strength.. and being a great support to all the Mum's out there. Mind you we are not that little in Playgroup terms.. We now have around 30 families paid up this year and around 20 turn up each week. We got 3 newbies just last week. As I said we really have a great bunch of girls and I can't remember being in such a large group where so many people jump in to do what they can to help and all get along so well.. Can you tell I am just loving it.. It has been more work than I expected but I am soo glad I volunteered.

Anyway .. got four grubby boys in the shower.. they have been doing a little more fencing.. which is almost finished..yippee.. and still got plenty to do .. so better get going..

Here is the Mothers Day Lo I did for this week's WC.. It was fun to actually have someone to scrap with for a change!

I finally got to use the overlay I have had sitting here forever.. and the sticker for the title.. I love the flowers representing me and my boys.. and got to use a Little pink.. yippee.. the title is actually a hot pink but the colours seem bit off..

Hope you had a great weekend..

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TatumW said...

gorgeous LO for the WC hunny! sounds like you had a fantastic weekend. Congratulations about playgroup! I know all the hard work you have put in so it is awesome that it is going so well! Have a great week and an awesome time in Townsville! Tatum xx