Sunday, 11 May 2008


I hope you all had a wonderful day today and all you Mum's got shown the appreciation you deserve..

I have been rather spoilt!

It all started at School on Friday when we had afternoon tea with the kids.. They had made a video of why they loved their Mum and drawn pics of us and a list all about their Mum on the back. This is the Pic Connor drew of me.

Too cute.. and here is a sample of the things he wrote and said..

She is 40 yrs old.. ?? Not yet!!

She is tall and weighs 50 kgs .. I wish!!

She has dark red hair, brown eyes and a nice smile .. What a sweetie..

She likes to eat vegetables and drink wine .. so now everyone knows I'm a

My Mum's favourite household job is cooking me food .. hmm have to think about that one.

If she could go anywhere on a trip she would go to Fairbairn Dam and take fishing rods with her .. Hmm who is he talking about

Her favourite Tv show s kids shows .. again I think he might be talking about him not

I like it when my Mum plays with me .. Me too!!

It was soo gorgeous.. and they sang the Hi 5 song Love and did the actions.. Connor started at the back of the pack and slowly moved his way to the front cause he knew I had my camera.. and kept pointing at me when he sang I love you..

Not the best photo of me.. but then hey such is life!

Greg also got me a new Mobile phone which he gave me Fri night.. I can take piccies with this one and it actually works properly!!! Woohoo.. have had fun playing with it I can tell ya..

As it was Greg's B'day on Wednesday we decided to go out to dinner last night at Hog's Breath with the kids.. As we were dressed up we thought it was a good opportunity to get a rare photo with all three boys and Mummy.

How cute are they!!!

I love this pic.. though I do wish Connor didn't have that silly look on his face.. but I guess that is Connor.. The only thing I was disappointed with was we didn't get any pics of Greg and the boys.. because it was soo hard getting the pics we did.. OMG they never smiled at the same time.. and Brodie kept doing a runner, we ran out of time and had to get to Dinner.. I guess though we often get pics of Greg and the boys..

This morning I got brekkie in bed..and all the boys helped Daddy and I got spoilt with these pressies the boys did at Daycare.

Declan's pressie

Brodie's Pressie

Then we went to the park where we met some friends.. home for lunch and an afternoon nap.. and this arvo I got to scrap while Greg played with the boys outside..and Greg cooked a lovely Roast Dinner. I told you I was spoilt..

Well I am sorry to rabble on so long... I really need to update more often so I don't have to put in soo much.. and I really can't resist showing off all the wonderful things that make me happy! anyway I hope you had a wonderful day and will catch up soon!!


tam (boxx) said...

Your piccies look great....and you did get spoilt on mothers day, and you deserve it!
Not long now...woohoo! Tam xxxx

Elise said...

Glad you had a great Mother's Day Don!!!! Lovely piccies of you and the boys's very important that we get these shots and not stay behind the camera !!

See you soon matey!!!