Thursday, 12 June 2008

Another busy week..

We had a great long weekend last weekend.. Poppy came for a visit and the boys had a ball..
Adrian, Rachel, Tom and Bonnie came over for Dinner on Sunday night and Poppy made pasta and Risotto.. the kids loved it a you can tell from the
Here they are watching Tom and Jerry before our visitors arrived..
And Poppy and Brodie were playing chasie.. Poppy stood here while Brodie ran past him about 5 times.. not realising he was It was such a cack to watch..

Brodie enjoying Poppy's Pasta
Bonnie loved the rice!!
On Monday Poppy, Daddy and the two big boys went fishing out towards Yeppoon. I believe they caught one crab which Declan was very upset had to get thrown back as it was a Jenny.. They didn't catch much but boy did they enjoy it. We are so glad Poppy has been feeling well enough to visit.. the boys do love it.. Poppy went home that afternoon and on Monday night both boys werec rying cause they wanted Poppy to stay longer.. and because Daddy was going away with work for 3 days on Tuesday morning.
On Monday Afternoon I actually got to do a little scrapping.. for the first time I have actually dont the same lo for both boys.. they are simple ones of the boys Daycare photos from last year.. Had to blur all the other faces which is why the pics look funny..

Today was Superhero day at School.. Here is Connor and Michael dressed up in their costumes.. He was so impressed that Kyle let him borrow his Ninja Turtle costume.. and yes they wore them alll day.. They had a ball..

Also on Connor he is doing very well raising money for the Jump rope for heart..I always knew we had such wonderful friends.. and your support for him is just another reason why I am right..
Well I am off tomorrow to Brissie for my Scrapboxx weekend.. I am soo excited.. With Greg being away all week and me coming down with a flu I am stuffed.. A weekend with the gorgeous girls off the Boxx, chatting, scrapping and shopping is just what I need right now. Well I hope you are all well and have a great weekend.. I know I will!!!! Yeeehah... Only 13 hours and 11 mins until I fly out!!!


tam said...

Woohoo spunky monkey...see you soon...XXXXXXXX

Kwebbel said...

what a super Lo - I really like it!
How are you?
I am fine - and I have a lot of work - I am busy too. A lot of new scrap projects - if you want take a look on my blog!
Greetings from Germany

Anonymous said...

geez you have been busy on your blog, i soooo wish i was there with you girls the pics looked like you had so much fun!!!!