Saturday, 7 February 2009

The start of the School Year.

Well School has started and this year we have Connor in Grade 1 and Declan in Kindy 3 days a week. OOh

Connor is loving Grade 1.. His reading already is coming along fantastic.. and so far he hasn't been in

Connor in his big boy school uniform. 27/01/09

Of course if there is a camera around they all have to have a pic

Declan started on Wed 28th of Jan.. They had part of the class start on each day.. They have one day a week for 2 weeks and then they go to the full 3 days. He loved his first 2 days. And when I picked him up last week he excitedly told me that next week he is going 3 days a week.. and "Mummy .. I get Homework!" I hope he is still excited about that fact in 10 years time.. but somehow I don't think

Declan in his Kindy Uniform..

And again all three in front of the Camera. Love Wednesdays.. NO

Brodie did 2 days a week at Daycare for a little while over the school holidays.. he has been moved up to the Purple room and he loves it. No more of the 'Mummy feel guilty tears' in the morning.. and now he asks nearly everyday if he can go to daycare. Unfortunately since the hols have finished they have not been able to fit him in for the 2 days but hopefully soon they will have a spot for him.

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