Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Catch up..

ok.. I am finally starting to catch Here are some pics etc from this Month.

Greg cleaned out his shed while he was on hols.. and you will never believe what he found.. Brodie's Christmas present..pmsl.. We are such baaaad parents.. We put it in the shed to hide it.. and I Goes to show jus how many pressies these boys got! Anyway he found it on the 5th.. so Brodie got a little

And he loved it!

He has been riding it everywhere.. and of course Bubba (his clown has to go too) so where better than in the scoop..pmsl.. But he kept falling out so Greg had to put a seat belt in for

Bubba.. A clown my Auntie gave to Declan when he was born.. Brodie has become attached and now he goes everywhere with it.

Even from the bathroom to his bedroom after bath What a grin!

The gorgeous little Patrick was Baptised on the 11th as well..

Love this pic of him cutting the cake!!
Dad cam back from visiting the rellies in Melbourne on the 17th.. and my Cousin came up from Melbourne on the 18th.. I haven't seen her in about 22
I got Greg to get some pics of Poppy's and Brodie's morning ritual. Brodie started going to Poppy when he woke up and Poppy would make toast and coffee.. and they would have brekkie on the back patio.. I used to laugh cause I would get woken up by Brodie 'Look Poppy birdies; or some other discovery.. and Poppy in just as loud a voice 'shhh.. you'll wake your Mother'.. I didn't mind.. I actually enjoyed lying in bed listening to the pair of them enjoying each other's company.

And what a pair they

hmm.. what else has been happening.. Poppy went home on the Wed and took Lauren with him to Mackay. I have only done 2 lo's this month.. which I will put up later.. and I finally got the boys all organised for school .. I

Got soo sick of sewing though. I brought some Cars Material to make Declan some sheets and a pillow case for Kindy.. luckily I overestimated how much I needed cause then he wanted 2 baby pillows for Hippo and Thomas as well as a sheet. And a cuddle pillow for him at home.. so of course then Connor and Brodie both wanted pillow cases made.. and I had to make a library bag for Declan and Connor..

I don't know if I will be sewing on any lo's for a while..!

Ok .. well I think that is the most of it up to the Australia Day weekend.. I have been awarded a couple of blog awards from some lovely ladies but I will put them up later.. It is late and I am tired.. Greg is away again tonight so I will have to get up early with the ratbags tomorrow.. so hopefully I will try and get on tomorrow night and get completely up to

See all of you having a go at me to hurry up and catch up.. I am getting and I dare you to read it all!!! pmsl.. You won't do that again will you..haha !

Good night all.. I hope you and your families are all well..

Donna xx


Kathleen said...

Love his smile Donna!! Clay got the same digger for Chrissie aswell, and absolutely loves scooting around on it!

The photo of your Dad in his cowboay clothes, the sepia one, is beautiful...really a photo to cherish :)


Tara Ward said...

Hey Donna
I love the pics of your Dad, especially the sepia one and the one of the two of you! Very nice.
Enjoy the break with the kids heading back to school...or as much as a break as you ever are such a busy bee!
Talk Soon
Tara x