Wednesday, 28 January 2009


Greg took a couple of weeks off after Christmas which the boys loved.. We took them to the Rockpool with some friends on the 4th and Connor was so excited because he is finally tall enough to go don the slides on his own.. yep my boy is now over 120 cms tall!! He absolutely loved it and I am sure he went up and down the different slides at least 100 times!
Declan and Brodie were almost as but Declan wore me out so I ended up roping poor Jamie in to taking him on a few slides for me..

Connor, Jamie and Declan.. Thanks Jamie.. you saved me from a heart

Brodie went with Daddy and absolutely loved it.. Even when the silly kid in the above pic didn't wait long enough.. it gave him a fright but he was keen to go straight back up again.. Mind you Greg had a few things to say to the kid!!
The littlies also had a great time on the play equipment.. Couldn't resist these pics..


and Wyatt.. aren't they the cutest pair.. and yep they are

A bit awkward..pmsl.. but he loved it!

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Tam said...

Looks like a great day on the slides :) and wheres the pic of Mum??????
And I would have given it to the kid too! xxxxxx