Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Dad's Photos

As some of you know my Dad is currently battling Cancer. He wanted to get some photos of himself dressed in some of the 'uniforms' he has worn over the years.. Something for us to cherish in years to come.. Unfortunately he was not feeling up to getting them done on Boxing Day when we had the family ones done so the wonderful Rach was nice enough to do them on New Years Eve when they came over.. Here are just a couple of my favs..

Dad in his Chef's Clothes

In his 'cowboy' gear..

Dad in his Ball room Dancing clothes.. I think this would be the first photo of Dad and I since my wedding in 2000..

Thanks again Rach.. you are a wonderful friend who has given all our family a wonderful gift by taking these gorgeous photos.

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Tam said...

Great pics of your Dad have been busy :) xxxxx