Sunday, 18 January 2009

Christmas Day

Christmas day was very busy and started very early..
Can you believe the no. of presents under this tree.. There were some very spoilt children in our house this year.. Though I suppose there is 3 families here.. but still!!!

The boys pressies from Santa.
When they first woke up.. the boys were allowed to open their Santa pressies.. well most of They loved their very noisy Christmas animals.. Especially Brodie.. he kept turning his chicken on ad following it around the room so cute.
All the rellies arrived over at 7 for breakfast and then the kids were allowed to open their presents. Sammy and Sarah helped Poppy dish them all out.. It took a while I can tell you..

We told them to sit and wait till their name was called.. they all lined up and waited.. almost patiently.. lol
That is one Biiig present for a little girl.. lol.
Poppy and Brodie..
The mad house..

Claire and the Dora twin we gave her..

Lainey and her twin.. they loved them..It was fun shopping for girlies for a change!!

Just some of the mess! ...

We also got a Nintendo Wii from Santa.. everyone had great fun trying it out!
Poppy cooked a fantastic lunch.. It really was nice to have Mum, Dad and all of us together for a change.. It will prob be the last time ever.. so I know I tried to enjoy every minute of it.
All in all Christmas Day here was what Christmas should be.. Family, kids, food, toys and lots of fun!

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