Monday, 12 January 2009

Christmas Eve

OK Back to the update.. It was lovely having everyone here for once on Christmas Eve.. Sarah an Sammy helped the younger cousins to make our Christmas Cookies For Santa. The kids had a ball..

Declan, Sammy, Sarah and Brodie in the kitchen.. Notice how Brodie is holding his shirt tag.. it is his comfort.. He loves the tags on just abut anything.. but if he doesn't want to carry something around he grabs the tag on his shirt.. sticks the thumb in his mouth..and off he Uncle Shane and Auntie Sue kept teasing him about 'taking himself for a walk'. pmsl. He is such a funny thing.

Declan, Lainey and Brodie are pretty impressed with the Biccies they

Connor looks a little dangerous with that rolling He was really good at helping Claire make biccies though.

Mind you Claire was a little more interested in chewing on the cutters than using

We had a wonderful BBQ dinner that night.. And Poppy had brought down some Venison.. Well.. I was game.. I tried unfortunately it hadn't been defrosted properly before cooking so it was as tough as nails..pmsl.. lucky there was other food. Poor Poppy copped some ribbing about that one.. The kids then had a great time running around with sparklers.. Mind you I think Sammy and Sarah enjoyed it more than the and Brodie doesn't like sparklers any more.. he grabbed the wrong end.. won't go near them now!.

I thought I would show you the boys new decos for this year.. Every year since they were born I have brought the boys a special deco to put on the tree. Now they are bigger I take them with me to help pick as well.. So it is a very special tradition for me and my boys.

They also made these Christmas trees.. Connor did his at school.. and Brodie and Declan did theirs at Playgroup. So I put their Santa pic in there..

I decided this year as well to get a decoration each for the girls.. as we rarely get to have Christmas with them I thought it would be nice to have a little something for them on our tree every year..

Of course now Blogger is playing up and won't let me upload the pics.. I will have to do it tomorrow.. I am determined to get this finished tonight..

Sarah was lovely enough to make some special Reindeer food for the littlies (Rolled Oats and glitter)and put it into special Reindeer bags. The boys and girls loved it.. Our three put theirs out on the front lawn and Lainey and Claire did the same back at their unit.. All in all a very busy but enjoyable day.

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Kyles said...

Hi Donna,

Wow I have wanted to leave you a comment for ages about your blog. I love reading it and looking at your pics every now and then when I think of it and can't believe how gorgeous (and different) your three boys are. It's so nice to read about all that you get up to with your lovely family - and to see the photos too. Christmas looked great! Take care and good work on your blog - it's always nice reading it.