Sunday, 11 January 2009


Well here is just some really cute piccies I took before Christmas..
Look who has been watching his big brothers on the sings.. lol..
Greg has always loved playing with the boys on our bed in the morning when he has time.. unfortunately with everything going on.. it hasn't happened as much as we would like lately.. so I had to take some piccies when he did.. He lifts them up and they reckon they are Super.... and then they crash into the bed.. typical boyish rough housing.. and they love to jump all over him!!

Just before Christmas Greg and Poppy took Brodie out in the boat one afternoon to put in some crab pots.. and then took the bigger boys in the morning to check them and go fishing.. well the fishing wasn't so successful but the boys were very impressed with the one legal crab they got to bring home..

Ok.... well my eyes are hanging out of my head and Greg is back at work tomorrow... So I think I will call it a night.. I will try and get the Xmas photos organised to put up tomorrow.. Nite!!

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mjsphoto6 said...

hi donna... so glad to see a little more on your blog...
i am loving the look of that crab too!!!!!

m xx