Saturday, 28 March 2009

Boxx Retreat!!!!

Well I went!! I actually got to the Boxx retreat.. I was sooooooo excited!!! I left home on the Wednesday and flew to Brissie to stay with the gorgeous Debbie and her family.. We talked.. and talked.. and and no not just me.. It was great to sit down and have a coffee and chat in person..

Then very early on Thursday morning we were off to the airport again to fly off with Tam, Peta and Jodes to Perth.. Unfortunately we couldn't all sit together on the plane but Deb and I shared.. a loooong flight.. I was so glad the girls had talked me into getting the Twilight Books.. I finished the first one before I got to Perth.. It felt soo good to read a book Meanwhile Tam and Peta were slightly excited to be able to watch the Twilight movie on the plane..pmsl.. When we got to Perth we finally got to meet Maria and a heap of the girls at the airport. It was like meeting old friends.. and I was officially the shortest there..pmsl.. and believe me there were some shorties there too.. oh well!! rofl.

Anyway, Jodes, Tatum, Tam, Peta, Bee, Deb and I went to our Motel and then got to go and have dinner with some more of the gorgeous Boxx girls..

Janet was soo cute.. when she got there she had a little slip of paper that she had drawn what our hair looked like so she could try and tell us Of course mine was the big curly

Elise came in late that night and the lucky thing got to share a bed with me.. Lucky I bought new pj'

Next morning the bus picked up Tammy from the airport and then us and off we headed for Augusta.. I couldn't believe when we got there.. (about 4 hours later) and they had put up a sign for the Boxx girls..

How cool is this!!!!

I got to share a unit with Anna and Debbie.. I couldn't have picked two better roomies! Mwah love you both!!!!

We got settled into our rooms and set off to see everyone.... There were 45 scrappers..4 of the Design team and Maria and her gorgeous girls.. I didn't know who to hug

That night we had a theme night and as it was Friday the 13th we all went Freaky

Aren't we gorgeous...pmsl..

Me and my two beautiful Roomies!!!! Anna and Deb

She got me!! ..pmsl.. I tried so hard to look like I was screaming but I couldn't stop laughing at Jodes..!

Bee the Goth Chick.. rofl.. She looked soo cool..

This was Tammy's outfit..rofl.. I was sitting next to her in the scrap room and every time I turned to talk to her I got a fright..pmsl.. Couldn't tell if she was looking at me or not!!!

Anyway.. we did actually do some scrapping while we were there.. Can you believe I actually completed 5 lo's! Two I did in the talented Mardi's class and 3 were challenges.. All weekend I scrapped, chatted, drank wine, ate great food and had the best company.. what more could a girl I still haven't taken pics of my lo's.. so I will do that tomorrow and upload a heap to show you.. Anyway on the Sunday we had to pack up.. it was soo sad.. and head back to Perth.. then on Monday I had to fly home to Rocky.. By this time I had finished the second book in the Twilight If you haven't read them then have a go.. they're great!

Here are some more pics.. I wish I could have put up all the pics I loved.. but I don't think anyone wants to see hundred or so pics..!

Maria hard at work as usual!!! She was wonderful over the weekend.. and her beautiful girls were so fantastic at helping her out.. She is obviously a great Mum!!

Missy P (Tam) does love me.. honest.. rofl!!

Tatum, Tam, Elise, Jodes, Mardi, Me and Bee!

Elise and Anna

Love this pic of Maria and I..

The view from our unit.. It was gorgeous.. and the view from the scrap room was spectacular!

All the Boxx girls!!!! A wonderful bunch of friends!!!

The bus home.. not good..!
All I can say is I am soooo glad I went.. I haven't laughed that much in ages..
and to all you Boxx girls.. Shhh f''kn shhhhh pmsl

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