Sunday, 1 March 2009


Wow I soo can't believe another month is over.. As usual it has been a madhouse around here..

Well so what has been happening..
Had to share this pic of Brodie.. He discovered the little backpack that came with his port and in it it had an eye cover.. A wallet and a passport cover.. So he decided he had to go to work.. lol.. He got dressed up and rode up and down the hall.. every time he left the lounge it was ' Bye Mummy off to work' and when he came back it was ' Mummy I'm home..' lol.. He cracks me up. This kept him occupied for nearly an hour! And of course we ha to have the obligatory 'tag'! Always finding shirts all over the house from him!

Dad came to stay for a couple of days before he headed off down south to visit his family again..
While he was here he turned 67! As it was also Mike's birthday a couple of days before Annette, Gil, Elaine and Mike came over for Dinner and Annette organised a cake for '2 special dads'. It was lovely.

Speaking of Annette and Gil.. Here's a Pic of Harrison Adam Robert!! Born on the 24th..

Isn't he gorgeous! Looks like Gil with a squished up nose..pmsl..

What else do I have to share..
While Dad was here my Brother Shane also came down. He came over in one of the police patrol cars for Dinner.. the boys had a great time getting locked up in the back and listening to the Siren.. Don't know what the neighbours thought

Connor is still doing really well at school.. His reading is coming along wonderfully and he is still enjoying homework.. Of course now Declan insists that he has to do homework too.. So we have to read his library book each week.. pmsl..

I was so proud of my boys when we discussed the Victorian Bushfire Tragedy. They both decided they wanted to become firemen so they could go down and save everyone.. and Declan wanted to save the frogs too..He also went to Kindy and told everyone else they had to become firemen too..

Connor actually asked me if instead of getting his pocket money one week he could give it to the Bushfire Victims.. So we took it to school where they are collecting money.. Sometimes the boys amaze me at their take on the world and where they fit and how they can help others.

Brodie is just turning into such a little man. His latest thing is 'What's that?' at everything.. and when you give him an answer he always says 'Oh Yeah'.. pmsl.. This can go on for hours.

Greg is quite pleased with himself.. He got a Distinction for his subject at uni.. Between his study and travelling around he has been pretty busy..

Well as for me.. I have been doing the Reading at school with Connor.. Playgroup now is up to around 80 families!! So that is def keeping me busy.. We had a Sausage Sizzle the other week and managed to raise some great money for Playgroup and also donate $400 to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal.

This weekend has been a bit hectic. We had Elaine's 60th birthday on Friday night.. then I went out for a Playgroup Mum's night out last night.. I am sooo getting old..pmsl.. and this morning we had Kyle's Birthday party. I was sooo tired. lol. And I finally managed to get my hair done today.. It has been since before Christmas and was looking a

Oh well I'd better go.. Dinner is ready and I have about 4 loads of washing to fold up and iron tonight. Oh the joys..
Hope you are all well..

Oh and it is only 11 days till I am off to The Boxx retreat in WA!!! WOOOHOOO!!!!
And thanks to the Gorgeous Tanya I actually have all 60 tags


Tara Ward said...

Hey Don Don
Thanks for your comment on my new like? It's definately a work in progress. So cute of your boys donating to the bushfire appeal...and much needed.
Have fun at the retreat.
Tara xx

Anonymous said...

You have great boys Donna... !
Hey enjoy the retreat won't you. Unfortunately I can't go this year :(
Hopefully next year.

don't forget to check out S4L... there's heaps going on... especially challenges and shelley has great prizes!

Enjoy yourself won't you.
mwah Toni!

Julie said...

How cute does Brodie look....he he love the "I'm home"
How lucky are the boys....locked up already he he
Gorgeous pic of Harrison.
Ur always busy chickie!!!!

U can stop by here & pack me in ur suitcase....I'll pay for excess baggage PMSL

Julie said...

forgot to add lov'n the lo's....cute little owls too