Saturday, 28 March 2009

The last couple of weeks..

Ok.. it has been a very hectic couple of weeks.. as I got back from retreat late Monday ( thanks to my flight being delayed!!) and I think I could've slept for a week!! lol.. Had the usual Playgroup, chasing kids and catching up on the housework to do..

But heaps had happened while I was gone too.. My gorgeous friends Tanya and Belinda had both had their birthdays.. so on Friday we had a girlies lunch to celebrate..
Jodie and Ella, Zoe, Tanya, Belinda and Amanda at the front. We went to the Gracemere Tavern and it was really nice..

Then on Saturday we had to go to Connor's Soccer game.. Now he had had his first game while I was away.. so disappointed I missed it. And of course I had the camera so we didn't get any decent photos.. Greg said that Connor played really well and really enjoyed it. They lost 6-3 I believe but they also scored three of the other teams

Anyway so of course I took heaps of pics this weekend. Connor is enjoying it so much more than Football. None of that painful tackling! lol..
Then we had Joe, Zoe and the boys over for a sleepover.. I was so tired on Sunday that Greg took Connor to a birthday party for one of his schoolmates while Zoe and I had a bit of a slack morning..

Every time I think I am catching up on sleep I have a bad night and am back to square one again.. Brodie has been waking up nearly every night and climbing into our bed.. Not sure if it is habit or this nasty cough that has been sticking around.. but We are so tired at the moment we don't even wake up an more to take him back to his own bed. But you really don't seem to get as good a night sleep with a munchkin kicking you in the back.. fancy

This week has also been a maaaad week.. On Monday I did my usual reading with the kids at school.. Tuesday I spent the day at Declan's Kindy. It was great fun seeing how he interacts with his teachers and the other kids.. and seeing how fantastic his teachers are. I am really pleased we sent him there.. Mind you I am getting the 'he's a very bright kid.. and he certainly knows how to push the boundaries' comment just as I used to get with Connor.. oh help me!!

Wednesday we had 'Playgroup in the Park' for playgroup week. I didn't have any kids with me which was quite fun actually.. lol.. Once I got it all set up I could relax a bit and have a chat. Mind you I was still exhausted when I got home!

Normal playgroup on Thursday.. More new mums and a busy morning as usual. Soccer Training and then shopping for playgroup and Kindy afterwards..
Friday they had Grandparents day at school.. I must admit I stayed home.. I was too tired to go out with Declan and Brodie again.. So I babysat Jamie so it was easier for Zoe to go.. I think Connor understood. It can be so difficult to take a 2 year old to church.

This morning I went to Scrap'nScrap and did one of the gorgeous Nicole's classes. I was so lucky that Jodie and Zoe took my boys after soccer so I could. And Connor scored his first goal.. he was soo proud of himself! Greg is in Mackay helping Dad to clear his house and move in with my brother Shane.. He has finally realised that he can no longer live alone. He gets so tired etc so quickly.. and I feel so much better he is not driving half an hour to get to town any more. Anyway I loove my lo. It just beautiful.. she is one talented chickie.. I will upload it when I do all the others soon.

Well that has been my news.. Greg's is not so good.

He was heading out to Emerald on Wed to work when an unmarked police car decided to do a u-turn across the highway near Dingo.. straight in front of him. Luckily both he and George were not hurt.. and the cop in the passenger side only had minor injuries.. It could've been soo much worse. The funny thing was the guy the cops had just finished giving a ticket to raced back to give Greg his card in case he needed help proving it wasn't his fault. lol.. But the Driver took the blame so there is no worries there.. And my Brother wasn't too impressed either.. He is in traffic in Mackay and the unmarked car was due to be sent up to them in a week or two..

But my poor Pajero.. In 2 months... she was going to be mine.. We were going to pay out the lease and Greg would get a work vehicle and I was finally going to have more room for the kids.. 2 months.. Now .. we are not so sure.. Look at the poor baby!
He hit the other car with his front right side.

This is the left hand side..
I am soo glad it wasn't worse.. as in no one was injured.. but my poor Paj!! As one of Greg's employees said to him.. with the amount of time he spends on the road it was prob not a matter of if he had an accident but when.. So glad we g0t out of it so lightly. I hate that he is on the road so much. Have always dreaded that phone call!

Anyway.. I have finally updated the blog.. and I think I am now going to collapse in bed and finish the last of the Twilight series with a cup of tea. Brodie is already asleep in my Don't have the energy to kick him out. Besides might save him waking me up later.

Tomorrow I intend to have a cruisey day with the kids.. after I clean up the pigsty that is my and Hopefully take pics of all the lo's etc I have done so I can upload them.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.. and be safe on the roads.. Watch out for those unmarked cop cars chucking


Tara Ward said...

Hey Donna
You must be one of the busiest Mums I know! Sorry to hear about the Pajero...2 mths to go, that is something that would so happen to us! Hope it all works ou well.
Tara x

Nic said...

Looks like you've been extremely busy! Unlucky about the Pajero... that sux... but looks like a blast at the retreat :-) Can't wait to see some creations... so bummed I missed out on Nic's class. Next time!!