Sunday, 8 March 2009

Why does he do it??

Ever since Connor was little he has had this habit of shoving things up his PJ shirt to sleep. It started with is gugglies.. then he occasionally put cushions or stuffed toys in there.. but I couldn't believe this one!!
He has his Gugglies.. a cushion.. and the light cover up his shirt!!!! Yep Greg needed to change the light in his room but didn't have the right flouro so left the cover off.. and Connor shoved it up his shirt!!! I so do not understand that boy sometimes.. but he does make me laugh!!!!!

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Nic said...

haha! I can't even say that it looks comfortable... just like today I asked Sophie why she sucks her thumb and she stopped, looked at me so seriously and said 'MUM, if I don't suck it, it will get very sore you know!!" Oh.... why didn't I think of that!!!