Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Well Here 'tis

Well hi everybody,

This is my first attempt at a blog so here goes nothing.

Brodie my youngest boy has just started walking last week. He is just over 12 mths and trying soo hard to catch up to his older brothers..

Connor, the eldest, started getting pocket money when he turned 5 this mth and he has been saving it, some birthday money and dug into his money box and today bought himself a toy BBQ.. I am very proud of him as he hasn't whinged or anything about not being able to get it straight away and has just been patiently saving until we had enough. He just seems soo grown up.

I can't wait until this weekend.. I am flying down to Brisvegas to meet some girls off the Boxx and a weekend without Greg and the kids seems like heaven at the moment. A bit nervous though. I haven't met any of the ladies IRL yet so I kinda feel like I'm going on a blind date.. or starting a new school. Excited but nervous. I know the ladies are all lovely so I'm not too nervous..

Anyway that's it for my first post.. As usual I have plenty of work to do and need to get organised for this weekend as well. Hope you enjoy reading my ramblings!

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Linda said...

Welcome to the world of blogging Donna! Looks great!