Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Trip to Brissie

Well we had a great time away last weekend in Brissie.. We flew down to Brissie on Wed and the boys went off with Marnie to Caloundra for four days. Meanwhile Greg and I stayed in Brissie for a couple of days then went up to Noosa for his Work Christmas party..

It was wonderful.. I managed to get a lot of Brodie's stocking done in peace and quiet.. Shopped from 9 until 6.30 with two of my wonderful friends from Highfields and went out and ate lots of wonderful meals at night. I had a ball.. Mind you I think I came home even more tired than I normally am.. lol. The boys has a great time at the beach and loved seeing Marnie (Greg's Mum), Auntie Tania and Cousin Katie.. Plus my Mum picked us up and spent a couple of hours with the boys before dropping us off at the airport. Climbing up into the fort at the park and proceeding to slide down the slide with Declan.. lol. They love the fact that she does all that kind of stuff with them.

The boys absolutely loved it .. and to top it all off it was the big boys first flight on a plane as well ... I got into a little trouble for taking pictures on the tarmac but gee I loved the photos!

Well the tree and lights are all up now and I think I have finally got all my cards and letters ready to send out.. Now just to finish the cooking and organising and maybe I can stop panicking.. As soon as I finish that Stocking!! Anyway it is late and I am stuffed so catch you all next time! Maybe I might even have scrappin to show you.. Well a girl can dream..sigh!

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