Sunday, 23 December 2007

Merry Christmas

Well it has certainly been one of those weeks.. We have had some great things happen and some not so great things and of course it all happened at once and the week before Christmas.. The best part of this week was all our visitors.. We had a girlfriend of mine come up from Highfields to visit with her 2 boys and it was absolutely fantastic to see them.. We also had Mum stop in on her way to Mackay.. Unfortunately my Uncle had passed away last week and Mum was heading through for the funeral. Because of everything else going on I couldn't get up as well but I was thinking of you all..

I then got a phone call on Wed arvo to say that the painters, that we had been waiting for since Sept, were finally coming.. On Thursday!! So I of course went into panic mode! Luckily they were only doing all the architraves and feature walls but they also had to do my whole craft/office room which was in a royal mess! ands still is!! We had our Playgroup Xmas party on Thurs morning as well so it was one hell of a day The boys made some gorgeous reindeer biccies I got off the Boxx and everyone loved them.. Even if they did look like they had been hit by a semi a few

Everyone was gone on Friday so I spent the day cleaning and trying to make the house look normal again .. and gee what a difference getting rid of the horrible colours make.. Will put up before and after photos another day when I have more time.. But we had 2 lots of visitors passing through yesterday and a party last night to go to. Today was supposed to be day for Greg to get into the fencing but I ended up with some sort of stomach bug so have spent most of the day doing nothing.. and no I was not Visitors tonight and tomorrow I will need to get stuck in and get ready for Christmas.. The plan is to have as little as possible to do on Xmas day. Whew no wonder I am tired!! and I have to say sorry to all those I have not had a chance to chat to this week. Now maybe you will understand and forgive me.

But I just wanted to say a Huge Merry Christmas from all of us here to all of you out there and I hope the day is fun and relaxing and full of joy.. Will see you in 2008 if not before!


Leeann said...

HB.... pimp ... you poor thing ... you have been rushed off your feet woman!!! I say to you... HO HO HO... merry christmas do ya wanta sit on my knee ..not LOL... wish you and your family an dhappy christmas and a blast new year... be good or just be good at it... I will toast a drink to all my boxx friends on chrissy day..more than one ya DG

Linda said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Donna, and now that it is almost over hope you are sitting back with your feet up and a glass of wine. Look forward to hearing all about your day with your gorgeous boys!