Thursday, 27 December 2007

I thought I would take 5 mins to put up the photos of the boys Stockings.. I am so glad they are all done now. I love them but boy were they hard work.. But I am pleased I managed to get them all done for them before they each had their second Xmas.. Didn't think I would make it with Brodie's but got there just in time.. Brodie 2007
Declan 2005

Connor 2003

We all got very spoilt here over Xmas.. the boys were impressed cause Santa left them what they had asked for.. Luckily they have only small requests at this point. God help Santa in a few years! I was very spoilt and got a digital photo frame.. It will be good to actually see some of the thousands I take.. now to just find the time to pick through them and decide what to put on there! Connor also picked out a little teapot for me so I can have a 'real' tea in the morning which was really sweet. Greg got the new Die Hard Quadrology among other things so he was happy. We hope you were all spoilt as well and had a wonderful day!

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Linda said...

Your stockings are just exquisite Donna and now that Christmas is over Happy New Year!