Friday, 29 June 2012

Love a good BBQ

Sunday was soo busy... ran around like a loony trying to get the rumpus room visitor friendly lol. Was a mess of boxes, toys and other junk.. Got my small Expedit put up so I could organise all the dvd's and games. We then had a wonderful afternoon with friends Andy, Row and little Ewan. Greg made yummy Lamb chops with Babganoush for nibbles, then the most beautiful Rib on the bone in the BBQ with salad and Mushroom Skewers.  All followed with a Fruit and cheese platter and a delicious White Chocolate Cheesecake... Yup the diet kinda went out the window for the but oh it was good... a few wines, good company... what more could you want on a Sunday Afternoon.

I got the recipe for the White Chocolate Cheesecake from a good friend of mine and thought I would share:

Easy to make and yummy!!! Hope you enjoy!

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