Saturday, 16 June 2012

The long weekend... Take two..

Can you believe I did all this .. And blogger lost it!! Grrrr..

Anyway.. Queens Birthday Weekend was the usual hectic run around for us. Friday night Declan & Brodes had Hockey and Sat morning we had to get up and get org for Connor's Hockey.. As you can tell by the pics Greg and the kids were in a silly mood and the madness reigned supreme lol. The cheeky rabbits decided Daddy was too old, far and ugly to catch em. So naturally he had to prove em wrong! Lmao.. Was actually so nice to wake up to laughter instead of the usual whining and fighting!!

Anyway eventually all four boys settled down and we went off to Hockey. Due to illness we were short a player so Declan got to play a full game. He did soo well. He didn't always know what to do but he got in and had a real good go! With his usual cute run on him and the fact that he was half the size of the other boys he gave us Mum's a few giggles.. Lol.. But he did Do well and Greg and I were extremely proud!

Unfortunately we lost but The boys had a good game and Connor is getting better and better each game as goalie. So glad they have found a sport they like and are good at. Hope they stick with it!

On Sunday Greg took the boys and Uncle Peter fishing in the boat. They had a great time despite the fact it was a bit of a rainy miserable day! Brodie was so proud of himself that he caught the only keeper. And unfortunately Declan and Greg didn't get one into the boat.. But I think they enjoyed it anyway lol. Brodie of course had to have his little fish cooked up for him for dinner on Monday night...

I spent the morning unpacking more of my craft room/office making more mess through the house lol. Then got to have a lovely arvo shopping with a Julie.

Monday was spent catching up on jobs, unpacking etc etc..

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