Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Very Proud parents

Well parent Teacher interview time has begun and we had Declan's today.. Have to say leading up to it I was a little worried how his behaviour had been as he has gotten rather defiant at home but we were pleasantly surprised. His teacher is so impressed with him.. She said he had his issues but has turned it around and and is now well behaved. Mostly lol.

But she raved about his academic ability. He is well advanced for his age group and is scoring in some areas higher than they actually test for at his age. So we are very pleased with our little bug boy now. If I could just figure out how to get rid of the attitude at home lol.

We have had a few issues at Scouts with some personality clashes and last week we moved Declan to Thursday night group and he loved it! A smaller group of younger boys and the leaders went out of their way to make him welcome! It was wonderful to see him excited about Scouts again.. So cross fingers he will stay that way!

Connor also came home with a student of the week award last week for doing his best to catch up on his school work after having his teeth out. So he is rather proud of himself as well..

He also had a ripper game of Hockey on Sat Morning... We lost 1 nil but Connor saved that from being about six nil. Should've seem the smile on his face when his coach told the team at the end that he thought Connor was the best player that game! And one of the parents from the other team paid him compliments as well!

Declan was chuffed to be able to play with the big boys as well cause we were short a player and he did well considering it was his first proper game. Poor little man was so excited he ran on without his hockey stick after half time .. Lol

And I am dying to see what Brodie's teacher says about him next week. He sat down yesterday and started writing words for us. Think he has been fixing us at just how far he has come with his reading and Writing. I think he enjoys being the baby too much.. Lol

Anyway.. Been a big day and I am going to crash I think! Xx

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