Saturday, 16 June 2012

This week...

What a week!! Tuesday I had Appointments.. So spent the day washing, folding, ironing And running around lol. Good news is I went to the dietician and I have officially lost Over 9kg and 19 cm from hip and waist! Yay me!! Must admit though starting to waiver a little with all the running around I've been doing so need to pull me head in and get stuck into it!

My turn on Canteen on Tuesday night so at least I got to stay out of the wind!! Prob is after I finished and went to the field they set off the sprinklers on the Tiger turf fields and the spray was freezing!!!!

Wednesday I had to take Murphy to the vet.. Poor little man been losing weight. Anyway, more blood tests needed cause the vet suspects he might have diabetes or hypothyroidism.. And his teeth and gums are a mess. So he's happy he gets raw chicken wings to eat!! Lol. Hopefully we get it all figured out and my boy be all good soon!

After that I got to go shopping with Tori at Carindale. It's silly how little we see each other now we living so close but that's busy lives I guess. Anyway I wasn't missing the chance to catch up
While she was on Hols so housework be damned, off I went! Lol had a lovely day.. Picked up some new towels for the kids, some early b'day presents as well cause National Geographic was on sale lol. Lots of chatting and relaxing and prob a few too many calories.. But oh well! We so need to do it again!!

Thursday Connor had his very first Inter-school Chess Tournament. As the regular organiser was on hols I've been helping organise the transport etc. so got to go and spend the day watching. The kids all did really well and I must say I was so impressed with their sportsmanship, attitude and behaviour on the day. Win or lose they all held their heads high, and just carried on! Connor did so well. Overall he was 24th out of the 66 kids that competed in C Grade. And that was kids of all primary school ages. Their records show he - Won 3, Tied 3 and Lost 1... But he believes he won 4, Tied 3.. So I'm going to get them to check it out. He was disappointed at the end because if he'd won 4 he'd have been eligible for a Ribbon. But he handled it well. And he realises just how good he did considering he only started this year!

After we got back to school we the had Teacher interviews with Connor's and Brodie's Teachers. Both have some improving to do.. Mainly with behaviour and effort. But overall not too bad. Unfortunately I don't think Connor is going to get the marks he's capable of but we will see next week when his report card comes home. Brodie has won his teacher over with his charm but he still has learning to do on not pushing the boundaries! Lol yup that's me boy! And they've picked up that he has fine motor issues.. So I need to get in touch with an OT.. Hopefully we will get him and Dec sorted on that front quickly!

Today I intended to get the housework caught up after I popped in and help set up the craft stall for the fete on Sunday. But I ended up at school all day helping.. So yup house still a mess.. Lol. Was good fun though and finally getting to meet some other mums. Brodie and Declan were impressed when I bought home some shorts someone had made incorrectly. No good for babies but great for teddies! Lol

Anyway I'm off to bed! It's nearly 1 am and we have Hockey from about 7.45 till 2 tomorrow!

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