Friday, 22 June 2012

Last week of School!

Oh nooooo .. there goes my sanity. Lol

A bit of a rough week this week.. These kids are going to send me grey!
Was lucky enough to get to go to the Dentist Tuesday morning and just got home and the doorbell rings.. It's our neighbour Bruce, with a bag of rubbish wondering if it looks familiar! Damn kids have been throwing the rubbish over the fence instead of in the wheelie bin! I was mortified. Luckily Bruce seems like a nice bloke, him and Greg watched the State of Origin together, and he wasn't too upset. But I sure as hell was! Tues night is bin night so I informed the boys that they would be cleaning every bin in the house Wed arvo as punishment.. They didn't like that idea!

We'd morning I got to go to Connor's classroom to see some of the work they have been doing. They had the cutest hat on as they have been learning about Captain Cook and he rushed around showing me everything. Was very proud of the marks and comments in his workbooks and his fabulous website on Rockhampton. Then I got to go shopping at Ikea with a girlfriend and hopefully can now get the boys rooms properly organised.

Connor came home sick on Thursday at lunchtime so I mainly got more washing and cleaning done.. Especially as Brodie hadn't been putting his uniforms in the wash so guess who wore a dirty uniform on Thursday! He'll learn one day!

Got the three report cards this week to. All as expected from our discussions with the teachers but Connor and Brodie both need to put more effort in to show their full potential! We've also been told Declan & Brodie both have fine motor issues. So we need to get Brodie assessed by an OT so I figure we might as well get Declan done too. I had always just thought they take after their father with their writing. Still can't read his!! Lol

I'm finally about 3/4 Of the way through Olivia's and Grants Wedding invites. Hopefully I'll get them over and done with very soon!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

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Leanne J said...

oh Donns..what a week.. and i'm not sure i'm looking forward to school holidays.. lol..
hope this week is better for you.. lots of sugar Hun....