Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Catch up 2

Okies.. Where was I? Think I have caught up on the boys as much as I can think of.. Greg is enjoying his new job down here. Lot more responsibility but at least he is home most of the time. When he finishes his Masters in October he might even have time to do some stuff round here lol. He is also hoping to get out in the boat a bit more too. He's planning to head out over the long weekend with his Uncle and the boys.

And me.. Well besides unpacking, chasing the kids and the usual Mummy stuff I have a few things to keep me busy. I am nearly finished making a friends wedding invitations.. Have volunteered to manage Connor's Hockey team, help at school and today I finished a six week interior design course at DIY Designer.. So I now have a plan to renovate our house. Will take a pic of my design board tomorrow and upload it.. Now to just find the time and money to do it all lol.

I've also been doing a bit of work on me.. Greg and I have been cigarette free since we left Rocky and I have also been seeing a nutritionist. 8 kg Down since the end of April.. So hopefully I will reach goal this time!!

That's about it for catchup me thinks.. Now I am really gonna try to keep it up to date.. Might save me from some nagging lol.

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Elise said...

Well done on the ciggies Dons!!!!! Yeah for you both...kept up the good work. Now you're own here we MUST catch up!.
E x