Thursday, 31 May 2012

I'm Baaack!! ....

Well yes I am.. And no I haven't got organised to update the last 12 months I missed but you know what.. That's ok.. Trying very hard not to be my usual pedantic self and have to have everything just so and just get it done. Cause the longer I leave it... The more memories I'm not writing down and the more things I forget.. And that was the reason I started this blog in the first place.. That and to keep family and friends updated.. So that's what I'm gonna do!

So may not be pretty and the photos not perfect but the memories will be there.

Okies.. So what's been happening?? Well we are getting well settled in Brissie.. The boys are loving their new school.. Yup all 3 of them .. Woohoo .. And are all doing well and making friends.. Brodie has a little mate called Liam.. And yup they double trouble!! Within the first few weeks they need to be watched constantly and kept apart at times.. Trust my boy to find a crime partner so quick!! He adores his teachers and is loving school. He has also joined Hockey and doing a term of Auskick.

Declan is still bug mad.. And has found some bug mad mates. He has started his own bug club at school and he and a few boys read bug books, draw pics and go bug hunting at lunchtimes lol. He loves having his new mates and had even started ringing them occasionally after school. The first time he and his friend Ben were so nervous and didn't have a clue what to say to each other lol.. They Gave Ben's mum and I a good giggle anyway lol. Declan is also playing Hockey In the U9's and has just started training with Connor's team so he can help sub.. he was doing chess after school last term but decided to do Afl with Brodie instead this term. Did I mention that that was all much to their league mad father's disgust lol. He's doing extremely well at school and is still reading way above his grade level. When we moved down he moved up to Cubs in scouts and was loving it.. had earnt 3 badges already and had gone to a couple of camps. Unfortunately due to some difficulties with some of the other cubs he started not wanting to go to scouts at all.. So next week we are moving him to the other cub group and hope he gets back that joy.. I'd hate to see him quit something he loves and benefits him so much.. so cross fingers.

Connor is also doing extremely well at school.. He got to go to the 'days of Excellence for Maths' a govt run program for gifted children and was so excited to get to do Maths for 2 whole days lol. He is doing Chess as well and had been asked to compete I the inter school competition in a few weeks. Pretty good considering before this he'd only had a few games with Daddy. He is loving Hockey and seems to have found his niche in the goalie.. Every week he improves and has stopped many a goal from being made. His team is doing really well in their division especially as a lot of them are younger and inexperienced like Connor. And they have fun. What more could you ask for.

The poor kid has just had to have 8 teeth removed last week. Most because he has some issues with enamel not forming.. We think due to the antibiotics as a baby, and some because the adult teeth behind then were going crooked so hopefully they will straighten up. Oh and no. 9 decided all his mates were leaving so he jumped out mid surgery.. Lol. He is also impressed because he managed to get a silver cap on one as well. Cheeky bugger wanted me to pay for a gold one, just like a pirates, lol.
He was so funny when he woke up.. Well sorta woke up lol.. He looked at me and said 'I can't believe I slept through that.... I thought I'd be awake the whole time.' lol then thought about and asked if he had his silver tooth... When I told him yes he looked at me and said 'cool' lol. He wanted to go home but they wanted him to get a little more sleep so he would doze off for 5 mins then wake up and say 'home'. I had to keep telling him after more sleep, more than 5 mins.. So he'd doze off again wake up and say..'how long that time?' lol after about 30 mins we gave up and he got to come home lol. He's doing pretty good at the moment and has at least started sleeping through now.

Well it's after midnight and I am trying so very hard to get a decent sleep so will catch up some more tomorrow night...

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