Monday, 7 July 2008

What a weekend..

Well what was going to be a quiet weekend ended up being quite exciting.. Got to bed about 2am on Fri night..told you I was sleeping less.. lol... and then Greg woke me at 6.15 to say my girlfriend Rach was in labour and we needed to go look after the kids.. OMG.. I threw on some trackies and rushed over.. unbrushed hair and all. OMG It has not been long enough and the memories of the pain came flooding back as I watched her have a contraction..Definitely no more kids for Anyway... felt totally useless.. it is really horrible watching someone you care about in pain and not being able to do a thing about it.. Even when you know it is for a good
Anyway sent them of to the hospital and brought Bonnie and Tom home to our place.. I was sooo full of nervous energy waiting for that phone to ring I cleaned the house.. chased the kids... I couldn't stop.. Was just lying next to Bonnie and Declan trying to get them to sleep, thinking ..I can't sleep need to get up soon, when I got the call.. It was a little boy!!! Samuel Luca.. and both were fine.. well the funny thing was I put the phone down.. told Bonnie,who just smiled and nodded, she's 2...and I reckon I fell asleep before they did.. lol..
Anyway took them up to see Rach and Sam that night.. he is soo gorgeous.. I almost got but the hospital is a shocker.. she was sharing with 4 other women in a tiny room.. it was disgusting.. anyway I won't get on that soapbox.. but she came home today and both are doing well.. will upload a pic soon.. better let the mum see them

Then on Sunday we went to the park in the morning with Tanya, Michael and Talissa and they then came over after rest time.. it was great . Tanya and I scrapped and the kids played.. everyone was

This morning I took the boys to get our haircuts at my friends place.. no I haven't cut Brodie's and then we were supposed to go to swimming lessons.. well Connor threw a toy at Declan and put a hole in his head.. a lot of blood but not too much damage thankfully.. so we cam home and had a quiet day..

So between Poppy visiting last week.. School Hols.. and everything else going on.. it is a pretty tired household at the mo.. speaking of everything else I had better stop rambling on and get off and do my playgroup work.. still hoping to scrap tonight to.. well we'll Hope you are all well. and hope I haven't bored you to death.. Was a little excited about the gorgeous little Sam.. chat soon!

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Tam said...

Wheres the bubba pics...we need clucky material too!