Sunday, 20 July 2008

Holidays.. The Boxx girls..

Part 3.. The Boxx girls.. On Wed night the most fantabulous DG (Leeann) off the Boxx and her hubby and kids came over to our unit to meet us.. and she is just as wonderful as I thought she would be.. I met DG on the Boxx about a year ago.. but she lives in Kalgoorlie.. so this was a fantastic chance to actually meet her irl.. We yacked and yacked and drank a wine or two.. I think our boys were soo excited that they freaked out her girls a touch.. well I guess that is no All I can say is I am sooo glad I got to see her... It was like we had been friends for years..
I then met up with a few of the other girls on Thursday on our way through to Mum's.. I got to see the lovely girls that I have my Boxx weekends with.. and to meet some new Boxx girls.. it was great fun.. Greg took the boys off to the Museum and we girls had coffee and lunch at Southbank.. of course there was cameras everywhere.. so here are a couple of the more serious
The Scrapper Tree.. as Nikala calls it.. Unfortunately she is behind the camera!! Gotta love that view Peta!!!

The beautiful Jodes!!

Me and DG!!! I had to try and scale her to get a pic.. she was too damn tall!!!! pmsl..

I wish I didn't live soo far away!!


Nicole said...

looks like you had a blast, would of been awesome to meet up with all those girls

LOVE the pics. you cheeky things


Tam said...

Too many tongues in those pics...LMAO, was a great day, so glad I got to cach up again xxxxxxxxxxxx