Sunday, 20 July 2008

Holidays.. Dreamworld

Well.. here is part two.. On Monday after we left Marnie and Pa's we went to the Gold Coast. On Tuesday we took the kids to Dreamworld. They loved it.. and as we got in there at 9 we had heaps of time before everyone else got in to take heaps of cool pics.. without strangers in the So here are a few of the hundreds I took..

The boys loved meeting the animals.. They were even lucky enough on the way back through that an Asian couple heard them asking us for animal food and shared theirs with them.. they had a ball feeding all the roos.. It was a really nice thing for them to do..

Declan made some new friends in the Gold Rush Country!

Brodie in Captain Feathersword's ship!

The Wiggles house.. the colours are magnificent!

We loved seeing the Tigers at Tiger Island.. this little girl is about 6 mths old.

and we got to see the 5 week old cubs have a bottle.. Declan has decided he wants to be a Tiger Keeper when he gets older!

Sultan .. He weighs over 200kg!!

Mohan.. just gorgeous.. and I won't be climbing trees if a tiger is after me!!

Meeting Dorothy.. Declan wanted to know why she wouldn't talk to

The boys wanted Mummy to come on the teacups with them.. the problem is I was sick the night before.. ad Brodie insisted on spinning the damn thing.. My God I nearly threw up on the Wiggles Teacups.. and yet Connor spun himself silly and loved it!!

Henry.. As you can see Brodie wasn't quite game to get too close to the

Love this pic of them on the Tiger.. Fake one of you can see Declan's Thomas.. he picked the littlest cutest tiger to get..he also got himself a Koala.. which he promptly lost the next day, they all got beautiful tiger shirts.. Brodie got a roaring Mohan and Connor picked himself out a Tiger Island glass.. they are very spoilt these boys.
By the time we left we were all exhausted.. we had left a few things to do the next day as we had a 2 day pass but unfortunately it rained all Wed.. so we went to the shops instead.. Luckily I gave the tickets to one of the Boxx girls .. so hopefully she will get good use out of them!
OK.. Part 2 done.. are you worn out I know I am.. but still got a bit more to go.. I soo want to scrap tonight!!


Anonymous said...

Great photos here Donna. Looks like lots of fun has been had by all.

I hope your cough goes away soon and your feeling much better this coming week. Take care of yourself and get plenty of rest.

From Susan (smiles1965) xxoo

Nic said...

What fun photos to scrap! Gorgeous colours...
Thought I'd sneak a peek at your blog, thanks for the congrats on winning Nicole's RAK.

Renee said...


Miss M would be sooo jealous of the wiggles house. If only her aunty still had a car, it would so be worth a road trip to take her there!!

The tigers are sooo sweet! I loved seeing them when I went there a few years ago now :)

xx R

Tam said...

When I read these the first time, when you updated, Blogger wouldnt let me comment!!!!!!!!
They are awesome pics, and Im so glad you got at least 1 day at dreamworld! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx