Saturday, 14 August 2010

Quick update on Joshua..

I am hoping to update all the blog today but wanted to put a quick update in on Joshua..

Here are the last 2 updates from Kylie..

Update Friday 13/8

Joshua is OFF the ventilator!! As of approx 6.40pm friday :-) he is still very sleepy but doing well!! Keep the love and prayers coming please, still battling!

Update Wed 11/8

Josh is doing well... although he has a bit of a temp at the moment... due to a secondary infection, and he's had withdrawels coming off some of the meds.. (morphine/medaz)... they are going to start waking him over the next couple of days... all going well!!!!! YAY!!! He is a bit more aware now.. they had to splint his arm to stop him pulling the tubes out...and 'cos he was pushing the nurses arm away when trying to wash his mouth with yucky mouthwash!! Go Joshie!!!!!!!!!!! XXXXXXXX♥♥♥

Thank you to everyone who is praying and thinking of Joshua and his family.. I am so proud and consider myself to be so lucky to have so many wonderful friends IRL and online that have taken the time to pray and support a complete stranger.. I do so love you all!

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