Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Well yesterday was one of those After school we decided to pop into the pet shop to pick up some food for Declan's little friends.. The boys were very excited to get to handle a heap of mealworms.. yuck.. Brodie's first question.. 'Are they blood suckers?'.. lol. think he been watching too much animal planet..They were even more excited when they found out they had to chop the mealworms heads off. What is it with boys and gross Anyway.. we got that over and done with before bed last night. And yep the boys thought it was great fun!

Then as Greg was away, again, Brodie got to sleep in Mummy's bed. Normally he is very good and goes straight to sleep so I finished cleaning up and headed into the office to do some things. Well I came out at 9:15 to find Connor still reading, When lights out is 8:00.. grrr and then went into my room to check on Brodes. He was sitting in my bathroom doorway, playing with my makeup.. lipstick all over the carpet, looking very guilty. What the! I got cranky with him, told him he should be asleep and lifted the doona to tuck him back in. Well! Then I really blew up. Under my doona was some of my undies, The good ones too not just me old, Greg's Cologne, Books, New toys that were supposed to be hidden, and a pair of scissors! I do not know what goes through that boys head.. I am losing it and he is sitting there cying, telling me it wasn't him! That it was Declan, who mind you was the only one fast asleep! I grabbed everything, yelled some more, ( I was really cranky) and warned him that if he wasn't asleep in 5 mins he would be back in his bed. Yup I know I shoulda put him straight there but I was worried that if I laid a finger on him to put him in his bed I was gonna smack his bum... hard! Besides.. I think I scared the bejesus out of 

Boys!! they drive me nuts.. luckily nothing was cut up so I can laugh about it now.. kinda...

Hope your kids aren't sending you round the twist! ♥ 

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Tanya said...

Don't you just love kids??? They are sent to test us aren't they?