Saturday, 14 August 2010

End of July..

Well I am behind but then you wouldn't expect anything different would ya..Well lets see what happened at the end of July..

On the 22nd the Boys at their Sports day.. It was Declan's first so he was very excited..

The Preppies Had Egg and Spoon Races, Sack Races and Ball games.. all of which Declan's team did really well in.. Winning most of them.. Which made him very happy.. lol.. and then he had a 40 mtre sprint in which he came about 5th.. and got a good effort Ribbon for.. he was so proud he didn't come

Connor had Ball Games, Relay and I think it was a 60 mtre sprint.. He got second in his sprint and even though he had to swap teams to make up numbers for the relay he was very proud of his first

And of course we mums all had fun socialising on the sidelines.. lol.. when I wasn't taking pics that is!..

 I ended up taking photos for about 10 Mums and all up I think I took over 600 pics.. Couldn't work out why my arms were sore the next day.. hehe..

All up it was a well run, fun day and the kids had a blast even though their team (Daly) didn't win overall.

For those that don't know Brodie has an addiction to Taggies.. yup the tags on anything.. Toys, clothes, linen.. makes no difference as long as it is the right kind of Taggie.. He is constantly walking around with his hands in the back of his pants or behind his neck playing with his Taggie.. especially when he is It is even to the point that he will not wear clothes that don't have the right kind of Taggie.. lmao.

Anyway.. Connor was sitting on the puter one night and his brothers were watching him. Next minute I hear..'Can I use your Taggie?' and turn to find Brodie sitting behind Connor fiddling with the Taggie on Connor's PJ' Just had to take some pics.. I really do have some strange children.. lmao.

Oh and I have finally got some pics of the boat to share after its little 'mishap'..

New one should be ready next week.. this time fully named etc.. so lets hope Greg has better luck with

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