Thursday, 26 August 2010

Yeppoon Fishing Comp..

Well we all had a lovely weekend last weekend.

I got to spend it alone at home scrapping with the girls!! It was lovely, peaceful and fun. I spent Friday night watching a movie and relaxing, then after voting and doing a little shopping on Sat morning I got organised to scrap. The girls got here after lunch and it was great. The usual creativity, good food and laughter! I wil upload some pics soon.. still haven't taken

Where were the boys you ask.. Well Greg finally got the boat, Pic also to So on Friday he went out to Yeppoon to the Yeppoon Fishing Competition. After a little trouble with the fuel lines.. He was sooo not happy.. He managed to get some fishing in before the weather turned bad. So he came home, picked up the kids and took them back with him. Connor and Declan were old enough to be entered into the comp as well.. and Connor was very impressed when his no. was drawn out for his own straw hat and new tackle box with Hand reel and tackle inside.

They stayed in a cabin at Yeppoon and Greg took them out in the boat on Saturday. The boys had a great time and all of them caught fish. Declan caught a Spotted Cod, Brodie a Parrot Fish, (or a Carrot Fish if you ask and Connor caught a Golden Spotted Cod.. They also lost a few fish as they could not get them into the boat so Greg is going to get them some heavier rig. Brodes fish was the only one big enough to keep so he was very happy to have it for dinner on Sunday night.

Declan also had to take Penelope out on the boat too.. She is a puppy he brought home from Prep for Show and Tell.. so of course he had to get photos with her

They came home on Sunday morning and cleaned the boat then headed back to Yeppoon for the final Tally of the Comp. All in all they had a great weekend and loved every second of it!

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