Saturday, 14 August 2010

Some more Pics

The beginning of August has been busy as usual..

Brodie and I love Thursday morning Playgroup with our friends.. The week before last we went to the Botanical Gardens for a play.. the kids loved it.. and so did all the 'Aunties'. Of course I had to get some gorgeous pics of the kids.. Not like me at

and this week we were back at Tanya's as usual.. It is getting a little sad as at the end of this month Olivia and Saphira will be leaving us to head to Brisbane.. We had a small Baby Shower for Olivia this week giving her a basket of goodies for the Baby. Unfortunately she has to hide it all as we all know what she is having .. but Hubbie doesn'

And Declan got to bring 'Boris' the bear home from Prep last weekend. They take it in turns to bring him home and then have to write in a book what they did with him and draw a picture.  Declan took him to the Zoo with Daddy and his brothers.. I stayed home as I was a little tired.. (more about that in the next But the kids had a blast and I think they really enjoyed having Daddy to themselves as he has been away quite a lot with work lately.

Connor at the moment is doing really well. His behaviour has vastly improved even to the point that he got the Gold star Student of the Day award in his class last week. He was so proud of himself. Last week I asked his teacher if he still needed to be separated from the class, He had been sitting right up the front so he wouldn't be distracted or distract others. She told me that he didn't but when she asked if he wanted to move back with the others he said..'No thanks.. I will stay up the front as I get my work done better there'. I was so proud of him. We finally have our gorgeous boy back. We knew he was there we just couldn't find him under all the

Declan is doing really well in Prep too. As Qld has to catch up with the rest of Aus for the new Country wide Curriculum standards they have really started to push reading and writing etc. It has only started this term and Declan is reading so well. His teacher confirmed that he is currently reading on a par with some of the grade 2 children. If we could only get him to settle down a little in class and stop being so excitable and at times annoying and distracting to the class..he will be way ahead by the time he hits grade one. So we are working on that

Brodie is also growing up too quickly and showing his brains as well. He can now count to 10 and loves to learn. Unfortunately he is also trying out a big boy attitude as well. So we are getting a lot of backchat and defiance. Hopefully we can curb that before he hits Kindy next 

I am getting busy trying to start planning the boys birthdays for the next couple of months.. and have actually been scrapping a bit and creating invitations etc for the girls. Will put up some pics soon. 

As I said Greg has been away a lot.. So he is keeping busy trying to juggle work and home.. not always successfully.  Unfortunately the boys really miss him.. so we all hope that maybe it will settle soon.. Though I don't think it will.

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