Friday, 30 October 2009

Brodie's Birthday!

Well Brodie is now a 'big boy'. On the 19th Oct Our baby boy turned 3. He too got to opne some presents on his b'day.. he was soo excited to get his own Leapster.. He kept hugging it.. in fact he hugged all his Marnie and Pa came up fo the weekend and we took Brodie to the park with his friends.. they had lots of fun.. and I got lots of great

So I have finally caught up on all my I am going to try and keep it all up to date for now on.. oh well.. I will try.. Doing my best to get things under control around here.. My gorgeous friend Rach came over this week and helped me to start decluttering and tidying the house.. and OMG it is still clean.. well the bits we did I have also done up some charts for the boys in an effort to stop all the yelling and screaming around here in the And I have discovered a website.. Flylady.. which helps you to get and stay clean and organised around the home.. so cross fingers for me..

I have also found a replacement for me at Playgroup. I have to say it is such a relief.. I have enjoyed the last two years running it.. but it is a big job and just makes it so much harder for me to keep up with everything else. So next year I have promised myself I am not committing to any committees etc.. and I am going t0 have more time for me and the family..

Anyway.. Thank you for your patence while I caught That is if anyone is reading it any more.. Would love a comment or two.. Feel like I am talking to myself sometimes.. mind you I am used to that around here. Lol

Hope you are all well...

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Anonymous said...

I am reading your blog. I love seeing what you, Greg and the boys are all up to. You do so well with all your photos and blogging. I am hopeless with photos but you inspire me to take more of the boys as time just goes by so quickly. Joshua will be 3 in December and Parker just turned 1. Keep writing cause I am reading. Love to the family! Corrin