Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Connor's First Filling

Well Connor had to go to the School dentist today to get his first filling..He has two to get done.. I was really surprised as we are quite strict on teeth brushing around here.. oh well I guess these things happen. They had also explained to us that the enamel on some of his teethe hasn't formed properly.. probably due to illness when he was little.. so we are going ot have to be very careful with them.. If they get too bad they may have to be pulled.. Let's hope that doesn't become an issue.

They popped him in the chair and explained what they were going to do.. then told him if it hurts too much he was to lift his hand and they would stop asap. They just started.. had barely touched him when the hand went up. When he was asked what was wrong his answer was 'It's annoying'. Lmao.. Only Connor.. we explained that annoying was something he had to put up Anyway.. he put up with it for a bit longer but then told them it was hurting so we had to get the needle.. He was really quite good. Didn't carry on. I was quite proud of him. Because they gave him the needle they didn't want to do both at once as one was at the top and the other was on the bottom and the whole side of his face would've been numb. But when he was told he would have to come back and get another one he was really good and said ok without complaining.

So really it all went quite well.. better than I expected.. I think I was the worst.. the sound of that drill went straight through me!.. lol.

He is off to his first School Swimming Carnival tomorrow. I can't go as I have to do playgroup but Greg is going to try and get there and get some pics for me. I can't wait till I can pick or choose when I want to go to playgroup.

Anyway.. I am soo happy I am keeping the blog up to slowly getting myself organised..
Hope you are all well..