Tuesday, 13 October 2009

School Holidays ~ Visit to Toowoomba

On the Monday 21st Sept we headed off to Toowoomba to catch up with some friends.. We got to have Morning Tea with Tom, Clare and Dhugal.. Our old neighbours.. gee we miss you guys! and then off we went to Chrissie's place.. The boys were sooo happy.. It has been so long since they have seen the boys.. and they had a pool..lol.. Some pics I got of the boys having fun...

Mitchell & Ruben.. love this action shot.. can you believe it didn't end in tears..lol..

Connor, Mitchell & Ruben... they all went nuts..!

But Declan decided it was too cold..lol.. been up in Rocky too long I think, and spent most of the time on the side of the pool..lol

As did Brodie.. he had great fun throwing the noodles in the pool and making the boys go get em for him..lol..
It was such a lovely afternoon.. I was really sad to go.. Got to see the boys Chrissie and Granny Carol.. and I miss you guys sooo much too..
After we left there we to Andrew's and Marisa's house for the night.. The boys thought it was great cause they got to play with Mark's games..lol.. and they love playing with Andrew and Marisa.. It was a shame though we didn't get to see Mark as he was away..

The boys pretending to be tigers and Attacking Andrew..lol..
It was a lovely night catching up.. It all made me soo homesick.. I miss everyone and the cool..lol..

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