Thursday, 8 October 2009

School Holidays ~ Zoe's Christening

On Sunday Morning little Zoe was getting Christened.. Greg was very proud to stand up as his Godfather. And as usual I took far too many

Sienna.. so pretty..

Katie was very attached to and of course he insisted on wearing his new tie again!

The proud parents and Godparents.

She was just sooo beautiful!

I love this pic of Tanya and Katie.. as Warwick and Tanya were heading off on their honeymoon Katie just didn't want let Mummy Tanya go! Nearly brought tears to me eyes!

We had a lovely lunch afterwards and the boys were very impressed with the beautiful

It was a lovely morning.
Everyone else left Marnie and Pa's after lunch so it was just us left.. a bit more relaxing but we all miss seeing everyone.. we don't get to see them enough!.

And after a rest of course the boys wanted to ride the motorcycles.

Pa and Declan.. I'm not sure if you can see his expression properly but I think he was pretending he was Evil

And I am not sure Brodie could see at

With the Training wheels on Connor was off on his own.. I love the look of concentration on his face!

For those that haven't seen it..this is Brodie's fav position when he is getting tired. Thumb in mouth and a grip on the tag of his He loves tags. to the point that he will no longer wear certain shorts 'cause the Taggie don't work Mummy'! lol.. Funny thing he is.
Of course because Connor had a ride on his own the other two wanted a go..

Declan did really well.. until he nearly ran into a so Pa decided it was safer to walk with him after

And even Brodie did ok.. mind you Pa kept the hand on the throttle.. Both boys gave him a bit of exercise running to keep up with them..

Greg then decided to have a ride with the boys as well.. I know he used to ride this bike as a kid but looking at the back tyre I'm not so sure he still should

Connor then got Pa to take the training wheels off.. He did really well and took off round the property like he'd been riding all his life. Unfortunately at one point Pa stepped out to get him to stop.. and Connor pulled up without gearing down.. and the bike tipped over. Of course not having listened to his Mother he was not wearing jeans.. so ended up with his first exhaust burn..
He was really quite brave about it really. And after he got over the shock and pain quite impressed with the perfect bolt imprint in the typical boy!

Here is poor little Brodie at the end of the day.. he was sooo tired.. and just needed a cuddle from Marnie..
All in all another hectic day and a lot of fun..

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