Sunday, 19 October 2008

Lot's of fun!

Last Friday the 10th.. Joe Zoe and the kids came over for Pizza and Movie night.. which ended up with a Lucky we got heaps of beds..pmsl.. We had a great night.. especially after the kids went to bed.. playing cards and having few drinks.. it has been soo long since we have played cards. And the kids had a ball too.. The boys were dressing up so of course Ella wanted to have a go..
Isn't she cute!! I think she is a puppy
And of course get the camera out.. and out comes Declan's silly faces..
And he and Jamie decided that they had to have photos of them doing
Meanwhile Connor and Lachlan locked themselves in his room making the Biotechnic Lego thingies he got for his b'day. We had a great night..

I have to show you the Lego Dinosaur Connor made.. We gave him the kit for his B'day and he made this all by himself.. He was so proud.

As usual the following Friday Zoe and the kids came over. Well for some reason Brodie has decided that Friday is a clothes optional I don't know why.. we have no probs keeping clothes on him any other day..but for some reason on Friday's as soon as I dress him.. off it all comes.. nappy and all..

What a charmer.. Ella and Brodie love feeding each other.. but really.. he shoulda put some clothes

Brodie just loves Ella so much.. When Zoe was leaving by the time she and I got out to the car Brodie had set himself up in Lachlan's seat. And he was not moving.. After trying to convince him to stay home Zoe and I decided to see what he would do if she took off with him.. Well I pretended to strap him in.. and he started waving.. 'bye bye mummy'.. 'cya tomorrow'.. pmsl.. So Zoe backed down the driveway asking him if he was sure he didn't want to stay at home.. he just continued waving to me and said a definite 'NO!' cheeky buggar.. So eventually I had to pull him out and he was so upset... calling for Ella.. he only settled down when I told him he would see her tomorrow.. sigh.. Only 2 and already in love..pmsl..

That night we decided to set up Brodie's new bed.

He had lots of fun helping Daddy to put it together..

Well we are sooo proud of our little boy.. He looked a little scared last night and wanted Mummy to stay with him.. So I told him Daddy would sit with him for a minute until I did something.. by the time I got back.. Daddy was out .. he was awake but in bed and then he just fell asleep on his own.. didn't get up once!. Was a little upset in the morning cause Daddy had shut his door and he couldn't get out. So we make sure that doesn't happen again.

How tiny does he look in that big bed..

And can you believe he has had 2 afternoon naps in there too.. without us having to stay with him..
Last night Joe, Zoe and the kids were over again.. Zoe was helping me with the party stuff.. and he did get out of bed a couple of times.. but we just told him to go back to bed and he did.. eventually going to sleep on his own.. He is a good little boy..


Elise said...

Too cute Little Bubby!!!!! Ut's abit sad isn't it !?

Julie said...

awww how cute is Brodie & Ella!!
Good to hear the transition went well.
cute pic's...Love the faces the've gotta pull...LOL
Have a great week chickie

Tam said...

Love that dinosaur...clever boy!
And he does look teeny, tiny it that huge bed xxxxxx