Sunday, 12 October 2008

Saturday Oct 4th

On Sat morning we had to get up and get organised.. Off to Nicholas's 2nd Birthday Party.

The kids had a great time playing at the park.. and of course.. there was......

Cake! Most of which Brodie wore as usual..pmsl.

And Bonnie was getting into it too!!

Little Sam managed to get a great little sleep in.

And when Patrick wasn't being passed around.. he had a great sleep too.. Aren't they both soo cute!!

I even managed to get a nice photo of Declan.. without his usual face

Then we had to head off to Jamie's 4th Birthday party.. at a different Park of course.. I so gotta get my friends in sync!! lol..

The kids played heaps of games and Jamie got given one of those pump rockets for his birthday. It was a huge hit amongst the kids..

Connor of course wanted one too!!

Joe was doing a pretty good job of catching the rocket.. Not sure hat Lachlan was doing

Even Brodie had a go..

Little Princess Ella was her usual gorgeous self!!
I even got a few nice pics of Adam and Emily for Cherie..

And of course.. there was which Jamie definitely enjoyed!

Greg and Declan having a bit of fun!!

We finally got home after 2 and then later that afternoon Tanya, Courtney, Michael and Talissa came over for a sleepover. I told Connor if he had just a small party then he could have Michael over. Of course it was a good excuse for Tanya and I to get some Scrappin in too..

Brodie was soo tired that when Greg had to change a dirty nappy later hat night.. he didn't even wake up!

The boys were pretty exhausted!!

But Talissa found a little friend in Murphy to keep her occupied.. as she was the last to go to sleep..

Tanya and I did some cooking etc for Connor's party.. as I hadn't done a thing.. and stayed up until 2 am scrappin.. it was great!!..


Tam said...

Those rocket toys are cool hey?? Until they land on the roof :)

Looks like the kiddies were all tuckered out! Great pics as usual xxxxx

Kathleen said...

Oh Donna, gorgeous photo's, and love the choccie cake piccies!


Julie said...

That's a great way to have kid's hey....all worn out!
u've been very busy...when r u not?
Hey thats a pretty damn good photo u put together!
LOL @ Brodie's pic & sand.
stay sane!
Jxx ;oP

Kylie said...

Hey donna
Gorgeous pics of the kids!!
what a busy day!!
Take care
Kylie x